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RPM Bowfishing Black Mamba Fiberglass Arrow SHAFT ONLY
Feared by all, as it should be, the Black Mamba mirrors the Great White in construction and design, but sports a solid black finish. This oneís coiled and ready to strike! Solid black fiberglass construction 32-inch shaft 1,200-grain weight
Item #: STF1000-008  More Details
Regular: $4.99
RPM Bowfishing Break Out Rod
Itís called bowFISHING for a reason, and RPMís Breakout Power Rod attachments brings archery and angling even closer together. This stainless steel rod threads into the VISE reel attachment system, helping reduce and relieve stress on your favorite r...
Item #: STF1000-006  More Details
Regular: $14.99
RPM Bowfishing Great White Fiberglass Arrow SHAFT ONLY
Built of solid fiberglass, this 32-inch shaft tips the scales at 1,200 grains. Solid white fiberglass construction 32-inch shaft 1,200-grain weight
Item #: STF1000-007  More Details
Regular: $4.99
RPM Bowfishing Master Kit
The only thing missing from RPMís Master Bowfishing Kit are the fish Ė and thatís YOUR responsibility. Included in the Master is a VISE reel seat, Victory arrow rest, Synergy TI-20 reel spooled with 125 feet of #200 Monkey Wire, Arrow Locker, Black M...
Item #: STF1000-003  More Details
Regular: $109.99
RPM Bowfishing Monkey Wire 150' 200# Bowfishing Line *Spinning Reels Only*
Donít monkey around with cheap imitations. Thereís only one Monkey Wire , and RPM has it. Abrasion resistant and rated at #200 tensile strength, Monkey Wire is fashioned from the same material that goes into creating bulletproof vests, and thatís tou...
Item #: STF1000-001  More Details
Regular: $14.99
RPM Bowfishing Victory Arrow Rest W/ Retention Gates
Constructed completely of strong anodized aluminum, the Victory arrow rest is the last bowfishing rest youíll ever need. Or want, for that matter! The Victory is ambidextrous, and comes with ĺ-inch stainless steel mounting hardware and a nylon arrow ...
Item #: STF1000-002  More Details
Regular: $29.99

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RPM Bowfishing Vise Reel Seat
Worried about your reel? No need to be when you clamp it in The VISE by RPM. Made of rugged aircraft aluminum, this good-looking high performance reel attachment system measures seven inches from tip to tip. The VISEís 5/16x24 threads means itís univ...
Item #: STF1000-005  More Details
Regular: $29.99

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