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Bowfishing Reels

Cajun Tape on Drum Reel RH/LH
Designed to be used on recurves by taping the reel to the bow, this would be a perfect match to your old recurve. The drum is 5" and comes with 50ft of 80# line.
Item #: 200-012  More Details
Regular: $19.99
Muzzy Extreme Duty Bowfishing Reel
New Muzzy Xtreme Duty Bowfishing Reel. Featuring a stainless steel foot, all steel and brass drive system, over sized stainless steel roller pick up pin, extra large spool, increased line capacity, stainless steel hood and push button cap. Built and ...
Item #: 400-001  More Details
Regular: $69.99
Muzzy XD Pro Spin Style Reel
Improved spin style reel with integrated mounting system, and switch activation system allows to be locked into shooting mode and provides a visual indication that the reel is ready to shoot. Pre spooled with 150ft of 150lb test tournament line.
Item #: 400-017  More Details
Regular: $89.99
Cajun Premuim Bowfishing Line
25 yards of premuim line, thinner than most line but significantly stronger. Superior resistance to wear and breakage.
Item #: 200-031  More Details
Regular: $11.99
Cajun Screw on Drum Reel RH/LH
Designed to be installed on any bow that has a stabilizer bushing. This real cany get any old compound out there in the water. The drum is 5" and comes with 50ft of 80# line.
Item #: 200-013  More Details
Regular: $19.99

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