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Bowfishing for Frogs – Bowfrogging Tips

Toby Smith | Friday, May 29, 2015

Bowfishing is becoming increasingly popular but if you’re looking for something a little different, try bowfrogging. Bowfrogging is simply shooting frogs with bowfishing equipment. Gigging for frogs is a tradition in many areas, especially in the South. Bowfrogging is a different challenge in itself. Some may say it’s easier because you’re not catching the frog by hand. But shooting a frog with bowfishing equipment takes some practice.

frog legsMost bowfishing is done on a boat with light setups. This can be pretty expensive if you get into it. Bowfrogging can be done on a boat but you can be equally as effective from shore. And you certainly can bowfrog at night but the frogs are there during daylight hours as well. If you get good enough to arrow a frog, a big carp is no problem! The best part of bowfrogging is dinner. Most bowfishing catches end up as field fertilizer. Compare this to the incredible delicacy of frog legs. The eating doesn’t get much better!

Before you go check your state regulations. Some states require a hunting license to bowfrog. When it comes to equipment, some people like to go with a recurve because they allow for very quick shooting. However, with frogs we’ve found they are more than willing to stay put for a shot. So we prefer a compound such as a Cajun Sucker Punch or PSE Discovery. Bottle reels are perfect for fast bowfrogging action. When it comes to points everyone has their own opinion but we’ve usedMuzzy Carp Point with a lot of success.

Bowfrogging is a ton of fun and can lead to some great eating. It’s a way to bowfish in a different way than everyone else. Get away from the crowds and try bowfrogging today.

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