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How To Get Set Up For Bowfishing

Matt Cahill | Sunday, August 23, 2015
Like a lot of outdoor endeavors, bowfishing requires some gear. Yes, you can get crazy and spend thousands of dollars on high end boats with huge lighting systems. But if youíre just getting started youíre probably going to use a boat you already have, or even no boat at all. Iíve had a lot of fun shooting carp right off the dock at a friendís cabin. But you will need a bow, an arrow rest, reel, and some arrows along with a few other items.

Bowfishing Bows

Recurve bowfishing bows like the PSE War Eagle are incredibly simple and much cheaper than compounds. But compound bows are easier to pull back and create more energy with the same or even less draw weight than a recurve. Our most popular compound bowfishing bows are the Cajun Sucker Punch, PSE Tidal Wave, and the AMS Swamp It. These bows are available as a package with everything you need to get started or you can mix and match your accessories by creating your own package.

Bowfishing Arrow Rests

There are several arrow rests on the market designed for bowfishing. A full containment rest is definitely the way to go. A full containment rest ensures your arrow never falls out of the rest when youíre moving around in the boat. We highly recommend the Fish Biscuit. The whisker biscuit rest is very popular among bowhunters. Be sure to use a Fish Biscuit and not the normal whisker biscuit. A whisker biscuit used for bowhunting uses softer bristles and it wonít hold up to the abuse of bowfishing.

Bowfishing Reels

Cajun Hybrid ReelThere are still some people using the drum style reel. Theyíre inexpensive and simple. There really isnít anything to malfunction. However, you will have to do all the work of bringing your fish in by hand. Baitcasters and bottle reels make life much easier on bowfishing enthusiasts. Your line stays organized and the reel helps do the work of retrieving the fish. We highly recommend the AMS Retriever Pro Tournament Series, Cajun Hybrid Reel, and the Muzzy Extreme Duty Reel.

Bowfishing Arrows

Some arrows are better than others when it comes to going after specific fish. But if youíre looking for an all purpose arrow with point that will work on just about anything, we really like the AMS Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos Point. This probably isnít the best bowfishing arrow and point money can buy but itís a great setup for someone looking for a good starter arrow with a safety slide already on. This arrow is also available in pink.  At some point, youíll probably make your own arrow and point combinations but this is a great way to go for newcomers.

The other items youíll definitely need are some polarized sunglasses for daytime bowfishing, atleast a spotlight for nighttime fishing, and a bucket for fish. If you have any other questions on how to get started bowfishing, feel free to contact us.
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