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PSE Bowfishing Bows for 2014

by Chris Larsen

PSE has a new line of bowfishing bows for 2014.

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The 2014 bowfishing season is here and with it comes a few new bow fishing bows from PSE and the return of an all-time favorite. New for 2014 is the PSE Tidal Wave Bowfishing Package and the PSE Discovery Bowfishing Package. The PSE Kingfisher is legendary for itís quick hitting accuracy and highly economical price.

The PSE Tidal Wave is a dual-cam version of the old PSE Wave. The dual-cam design gives the Tidal Wave bow some extra speed without going to a higher poundage. The bow includes a constant draw module to allow for snap shooting and it makes it easy to let anyone on the boat use the Tidal Wave without worrying about draw length. The Tidal Wave is also maneuverable. At just 32Ē axle-to-axle, you wonít have any trouble moving around on the bow of a bowfishing boat or walking the shoreline. The PSE Tidal Wave bow is available as a bare bow or as a package with an AMS reel with line, Snap Shot Rest, and two bowfishing arrows with slides. The Tidal Wave is available in left-handed and right-handed.

PSE Discovery Bowfishing PackageThe PSE Discovery is purely a case of PSE listening to itís customers. A lot of people were using PSEís Discovery 2 youth compound bow for bow fishing so this year they came out with a Discovery especially for bow anglers. The Discovery Bowfishing Bow comes in custom Reaper camo. The Discovery is adjustable from 40 pounds all the way down into the low 20s so it is perfect for anyone from the hardcore bowfishing junkie all the way down to a youth on his or her first trip on the water. The Discovery also has a constant draw module that is perfect for snap shooting while bowfishing. You can find the Discovery as a bow only or in a package that is completely ready to fish with two bowfishing arrows with slides, AMS reel with line, and PSE Snap Shot Rest. The Discovery is available in left-handed and right-handed.

The PSE Kingfisher is perfect for the bow angler on a budget or a traditionalist. The Kingfisher is a recurve that, like the above bows, is an excellent snap shooter. The Kingfisher bow fishing bow is decked out in All-Season camo and the kit includes a classic Cajun front mounting reel, 50 feet of 80 pound test line, the new PSE Snap Shot arrow rest, and one fiberglass arrow. The bow is available in 40 pound, 45 pound, and 50 pound draw weights. However, PSE makes the Kingfisher in right-handed only. The best thing about the Kingfisher is that you get the entire kit for just $139.99. Shipping is free when you buy your PSE bow fishing bow at StickTheFish.com.


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