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Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow Review

by John Landrith

StickTheFish.com takes a closer look at the Cajun Archery Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow.

Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow Review

Cajun Archery was bought by Bear Archery in late 2012 and Bear is doing a fantastic job of taking what Cajun did well and expanding upon it. Case in point, the Cajun Sucker Punch bow. This bowfishing bow is designed with the serious bow angler in mind. Bear Archery designed this bow with deep grooves in the cams to prevent derailing while on the water.

The Sucker Punch is just 3.2 pounds and has a generous 7.25” brace height. This makes for a more forgiving and seemingly easier to pull back bow. The bow is just over 32” axle-to-axle so it’s definitely compact enough to shoot in the close quarters of shooting platform while still feeling very stable when you have to wait for the perfect time to shoot. At 50 pounds of draw weight it has enough muscle for big game but it can also be dialed down to around 30 pounds.

Sucker Punch BowThere are two different modules that come with the bow. The constant draw module is factory installed and allows an archer with any draw length to shoot the Sucker Punch bowfishing bow effectively. This draw module gives the bow a recurve feel that most bowfishing anglers prefer. If you like some letoff, there is also a draw specific 60% letoff module included that can be installed without the use of a bow press. Draw lengths can be set anywhere from 17-31”.

Cajun Sucker Punch Package

The Sucker Punch is available in a bare bow or as a package. The package includes the Cajun Fish Biscuit, finger pads on the string, and two white arrows with Piranha points. The most exciting part of the package is Cajun’s new Hybrid Reel. This reel has the safety features of a bottle style reel with the convenience of a spin cast. If you shoot the bow without opening the bail, it will still fire the arrow, albeit slower. You’re probably not going to hit your target but you won’t experience dangerous snap-back. The arrow will fly safely away from you.

Bottle style safety is great but when you have a fish on, the Hybrid reel really performs. It has a 4-to-1 gear ratio and four ball bearings for smooth operation and quick retrieval. The bottle is ambidextrous so it will work for both right and left handed bowfishing anglers. The mounting brackets are all aluminum and there are several mounting configurations to fit your specific bow or shooting needs. The bottle has 25 yards of 250 pound test line.

If you’re looking for a new bowfishing rig this year, the Cajun Sucker Punch is a great choice for the hardcore or beginning bowfishing angler.



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